LUMMA Design CLR X530 Is Like a Diesel X5, But Whiter And With 487lb/ft Of Torque

The LUMMA CLR X530 combines three of our favorite things: white paint, the current X5 and a tuned diesel engine. The 3L turbo diesel makes 470lb/ft of torque and 330bhp thanks to an amped-up turbo and remapped chip. Also present is the de rigueur performance exhaust, which makes us fantasize about huge plumes of black smoke clouding up the crisp white bodywork. Mmmmmm, diesel.

As we're sure you've noticed by now LUMMA have also seen fit to include an extravagant but somehow decent looking body kit and white wheels. A host of other minor interior and exterior modifications rounds out the package. We'd take ours without the visual modifications, using it as a combination sleeper / tower, hauling trailers full of dirt bikes down the Autobahn at three figure speeds.


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