Look around your car the next time you jump in, because some of the technologies you're used to will go away very soon.

Let's just put it out there: every car should have a proper handbrake. The 2014 Volkswagen Golf GTD doesn't. It has a button instead. No handbrake turns for you, hoonigan!

That's why disappearing car technologies are one of the good reasons for sticking with reparable, honest classics you can understand and therefore trust.

Here are ten items our readers think will also go in the next decade:

10.) Manual gearboxes

Let's face it: dual-clutch automatics are getting cheaper and provide higher efficiency. Since manufacturers have to push emissions impossibly low in about every five years thanks to politicians and the green lobby, the days of the clutch pedal are numbered.

The Daily Hoon is actually happy about it:


Because racecar. Duh. With the advent of dual-clutch transmissions and formula-1 style paddle shifting on essentially all high end modern sports cars and all race cars the clutch is going away. Incorrectly, the loss of the clutch pedal is blamed on 'sheeple that don't want to learn how to drive', and 'car companies not giving us what we want', when in reality racecar drivers, people who actually do what we all wish we could do - don't use a third pedal. Yes, some still do while legacy products are phased out - but not for long. The modern dual clutch transmission is faster, more responsive, and provides better performance to the driver. It allows the driver to worry more about driving, than shifting. The reason most people "love the third pedal" is because it makes you feel more in control, in tune with the car because that's what racecar drivers do! Well, not any more. They are in tune in a much more precise way than the ancient third pedal will ever be able to convey. In a few years, they'll be all gone - and replaced with something better, faster, more performance oriented, and more in tune with the you and the car. What's not to love?

Suggested By: The Daily Hoon, Photo Credit: gagilas

9.) Visible antennas

My Autobianchi A112 has a bigger antenna than the car itself. I still prefer that to BMW's shark tails, but the future will bring hidden antennas for sure.

Suggested By: ranwhenparked, Photo Credit: DigiDreamGrafix.com

8.) Factory infotainment

Manufacturers keep trying to give us all the software we need, while all they have to do is provide a proper docking system for our smartphones. Factory GPS is usually not free, while some great apps are. No brainer.

Suggested By: SolamenteDave, Photo Credit: Andresael

7.) Camshafts

They've been trying to get the camless engine technology right for ages, but I trust Mr. Koenigsegg will crack it.

Suggested By: DasWauto, Photo Credit: peteSwede

6.) Drum brakes

While drum brakes are cheap and efficient enough for small cars, BigNSlow still welcomes Honda in the 21st century:

Drum brakes will soon be gone. I can't believe there are cars that still use drum brakes in 2013. cough Honda Insight cough.

Suggested By: BigNSlow, Photo Credit: chris.corwin

5.) Removable gas caps

Ford's Easy Fuel system makes a lot of sense. I have a friend with an Ariel Atom 3 who left the cap at a gas station. He called Ariel about a replacement part, but the British company wasn't too supportive. Perhaps he should get an Ariel Atom with Ecoboost instead?

Suggested By: unhcampus, Photo Credit: Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

4.) OBD2

It's a nostalgic link to the nineties, but a mini USB would do the job better, says StreetsideStig:

Hopefully OBDII. I like OBDII's simplicity, and plugging the bluetooth adapter into that big, chunky serial port reminds me of '90s computing, but a simple USB port and an upgraded diagnostic system could make taking care of cars much less mystifying to the average billy.

Suggested By: StreetsideStig, Photo Credit: Travis Goodspeed

3.) Halogen headlamps

Modern headlamps won't feel gassy thanks to the miracles of HID and LED technologies.

Suggested By: CarlitoBenito, Photo Credit: thomasrdotorg

2.) The physical key

Don't you miss the physical nature of ignition already? Start buttons are great fun for five minutes, but keys remain the real deal.

Suggested By: HideyoshiJP, Photo Credit: Máté Petrány

1.) The mechanical linkage between you and your car

My X-type is too a real Jaguar is most probably right. Say hi to 100% drive-by-wire cars coming to a driveway near you.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Podknox

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