The Only Time You'll Ever Want To Hit A Telephone Pole

Usually the term for a steep ledge you're likely to fall down is "exposure." Codrivers shout that out to let drivers know not to drive off the mountain. This part of the Rallye Monte Carlo had a little weak stone wall that didn't do much to hold Roman Kresta's car on the road. It's not really an exposure, so maybe it's a trollsposure?


Cars are already practicing for this year's Rallye Monte Carlo, so let's revisit a classic clip of perhaps the luckiest bit of bad luck ever.

Here's Roman Kresta's Skoda Octavia WRC Evo 2 in the 2002 running of Rallye Monte Carlo. The little Skoda came into a twisty mountain hairpin too hot and smashed right through the short stone wall with the passenger side of the car.

Except there was a telephone pole.

This is perhaps the one time where you'd be really glad you broadsided a telephone pole. The pole held the car in place and preventing it from dropping off the now-exposed trollsposure.

I don't know if this makes Kresta the luckiest man alive or the unluckiest, but that's a great place to put a telephone pole.

This year's Rallye Monte Carlo runs from January 22-25.



Luckily, he found one of the more solid poles.

Not every pole holds up to rally cars so well...