Luca Spills the Beans: F430 Challenge Stradale to Debut in Frankfurt, No Dino

Ferrari capo and Italian royal Marquis di Montezemolo (Luca to you, Johnny) threw in a spoiler to the plot line of Ferrari's Challenge Stradale at the Geneva show yesterday. Well, not quite by name. He did said a new model will debut at the Frankfurt show later this year; one that's more powerful and lighter than the current F430, and that uses technologies from Formula One racing. Gee, how many guesses do we get? So that's it. Anyway, Lambo apparently won this round with its similarly lightened Superleggera, which may or may not live up to the hype (though that blue-gray is rad). But wait, there's more. Ferraristi don't have to worry about brand degradation. The boss again denied that a new, training Ferrari in the $100,000 range — rumored to be called Dino, or "Project California" — is in the works.

Spy Photos: Still More on the Ferrari F430 Challenge Stradale; Geneva Showcase: Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera [internal]


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