Lou Dobbs Tonight Rewards Bill Ford For Alan Mulally's Work

After a story about Ford weathering the Carpocalypse so far thanks to early restructuring and privately-secured credit, animatronic Lou Dobbs stand-in Kitty Pilgrim gives a "gut check" award to Bill Ford, Jr. Wait, what?

Both of those moves, in the story they ran immediately before the "gut check" award, were credited to Alan Mulally. In fact, the knock against Mulally when he came in, and one humorously repeated by his colleagues, was he knew almost nothing about cars. What he did understand after his experience with Boeing was corporate restructuring in a depressed market. So why does Bill Ford, Jr. get credit? We don't mean to minimize his position as Chairman of Ford Motor Company, but crediting Bill Ford, Jr. with saving Ford is like blaming Chevy Chase when your Chevy Aveo breaks down.


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Rob Emslie

I think you do have to give Bill Ford credit for getting out of the way and letting Mulally get jiggy widdit.

A lesser man would have ridden that blue oval into the ground like, oh. . . say, Rick Wagoner.