Lotus Eterne Sedan Concept: First Photos

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Here are the first leaked photos of the Lotus Eterne four-door sedan, set to debut officially at the Paris Motor Show. We have no details about the car's performance, but it's clear Lotus has built the vaguest luxosportsedan in history.

The car itself blends Maserati, Aston Martin, and Jaguar in a way so lacking in character you'd presume it was penned by a Chinese designer. We'll just let FIL, from the Lotus Talk forum that found these photos from some preview event, tee-of on it;

JESUS!!!! $HITTY looking ASTON!!!!!

who the F_CK did the styling on these new cars!?!?!

How about a LITTLE originality!?!?

Ah yes, FIL, but you must remember these cars weren't designed for you, they were designed for customers Lotus doesn't have yet.