Illustration for article titled Lotus Cancels All Its New Cars But Is Hiring 100 People

Last week, Lotus cancelled all of its new cars. This week, they are going to start hiring 100 people. And they're mostly engineering jobs. This is today's installment of "backwards news."


The job posting calls for Lotus to hire 45 specialist engineers, 40 people in manufacturing, and then what sounds like 18 people in a new apprenticeship program.


It's interesting timing to be hiring engineers and people in manufacturing when all of your future product has gone from labor intensive new models to updates of existing cars. Perhaps their current engineering staff can't handle that? Seems kind of strange.

But opening up more jobs, especially at one of our favorite automakers, is a good thing. But remember: DRB-Hicom has only given Lotus funding for three years. So, prospective Lotus employees, make your contract for 35 months or less.

That's a pro tip right there.

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