Lotus Builds Special Edition Elise Sports Racer

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Its name sounds like it could be a pirated version of a 1960s-era cartoon, but the new Lotus Elise Sports Racer is no pirate. Or maybe it is (damn you, weak-ass metaphors!). Either way Lotus is building a special edition Elise with two really sweet color schemes, Ardent red with a single racing stripe and Nightfall blue with twin stripes. A hot-looking paint job is just the window dressing — the limited-edition cars (199 total to be built for the UK) come with a full list of performance and track-oriented components, including traction control, 7-spoke alloys, limited-slip differential, LED taillights, and a lighter pedal box with reworked pedals for smoother throttle and braking response. Of course, you could mine the options list on a stock model and come up with a similar Elise, but it wouldn't be a Sports Racer, then. Would it? Huh? No word on US release, but it's not likely.

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