Lost & Hound – Airline Beagle Finds Your Phone And Steals Your Heart

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Many of us have had that awful, helpless feeling upon realizing we left something on a plane. Dutch airline KLM has the most adorable helper in a Beagle named Sherlock, who is trained to sprint through the airport and return your lost items. (UPDATE: It's a hoax.)

KLM's lost and found team member Sandra List says "Our main goal is to return lost items to the owner, as fast as possible." Her team also monitors social media, to look for mentions of lost items from customers.


In addition to that, flight attendants also alert the team if they find items while cleaning the plane after a flight. Sherlock's trainer, Dirk van Driel said they train for muscle strength, endurance and socialization.

Sherlock can get around crowds of people much faster than a person, and wears a vest that has pouches to hold the items. He also serves as an ambassador for the airline while doing his job, greeting customers and providing smiles and brightening moods.


Like all things that are too good to be true, so is this. Our pals at Gizmodo have the scoop.

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Cute dog, but I still want a Shih Tzu. You can judge me if you don't cock your head to the side and say "AAWWEE!!" when you look at this picture.