¡Los Yellow Bastardos!

Yeah, okay, fine, our Spanish is about as reliable as our uterus. Maybe a little better. Curse these barely-vestigal ovaries! Regardless, and more to the point, some people like yellow cars. Our pal Zerin is one, having just shelled out for a bright screaming new TT S-Line (and yes, ladies, he's available). We like yellow here and there. We used to have a creme-yellow living room back in Benicia. But in our graphic design days, straight yellow ink with anywhere from 5 to 10 percent red quotient really made stuff pop off the page when we were in a hurry to do something, anything. So we appreciate yellow's virtue. So, apparently, does the man who put together this flickr group.

Yellow Car [flickr]

SUPREME AGING AMUSEMENT! The Japanese Classic Cars Photo Pool [Internal]


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