¡Los Yellow Bastardos!

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Yeah, okay, fine, our Spanish is about as reliable as our uterus. Maybe a little better. Curse these barely-vestigal ovaries! Regardless, and more to the point, some people like yellow cars. Our pal Zerin is one, having just shelled out for a bright screaming new TT S-Line (and yes, ladies, he's available). We like yellow here and there. We used to have a creme-yellow living room back in Benicia. But in our graphic design days, straight yellow ink with anywhere from 5 to 10 percent red quotient really made stuff pop off the page when we were in a hurry to do something, anything. So we appreciate yellow's virtue. So, apparently, does the man who put together this flickr group.

Yellow Car [flickr]

SUPREME AGING AMUSEMENT! The Japanese Classic Cars Photo Pool [Internal]


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My mom's '71 Opel GT is bright, 'lectric yellow. "Because it's so small," she says. "I want other drivers to be able to see it."

Yeah, okay. Actually, it looks pretty good in yellow.

A SAAB 96 shouldn't be yellow. Rally blue, red, or white. Soccerball wheels. Carlsson at the helm. Nuff said.