Lord Vader, Your Time Machine's Arrived To Take You Back To A Time When This Joke Was Funny

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Created as a collaboration between DMC and LA streetwear shop, The Hundreds, this DeLorean DMC-12 was wrapped in two layers of black vinyl; first flat, then gloss, to create the sweet-ass stripe effect.

Why vinyl? According to The New York Times' Richard Chang, while the original company issued a service bulletin on how to paint the stainless steel body panels, it warned that the surface may not allow paint much longevity.


The car was made to promote a range of DMC t-shirts and New Era hats created by The Hundreds, some of which feature the same graphic treatment as the car, called "Jags." [The Hundreds via Wheels]

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Rusty Van Horn

Ok, so to help feature a car that was only available in a singular shade of gray you do a photo layout of a car that has been changed to black, yet you do all of this in Black & White, thus destroying any chance of us enjoying the sleekness of the full on black.