The Mazda Koeru is a crossover concept built to give us an idea about where their KODO design language will evolve in the near future. And it’s got some good lines.

All Mazda show cars are painted Soul Red, which is a fantastic color but also one that happens to be impossible to shoot under an army of spotlights with a digital camera. At least that’s my excuse for the image quality here.


The fact that the Koeru is a crossover is almost irrelevant. Mazda will certainly produce successors to all of its current cars, so while this might just be an early look at the next CX-7 (and/or CX-9) the changes in the lights and grill department are far more important than the body style since those are likely to spread across their whole lineup in a toned down form.

As far as show cars go, the Mazda Koeru certainly remains on the sane side, but its body mixes curves with hard lines for some light and shadow magic.

But is this the right direction for Mazda, or are they getting a bit Lexusy here?

Photo credit: Máté Petrány/Jalopnik

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