Looks Like Top Gear Will Drift A Mustang Across The London Tower Bridge

Jalopnik has been forwarded an official-looking letter to London residents allegedly coming from the BBC, informing locals that “an American Mustang car [will be] driving at speed performing ‘slides’ on and around” the famous Tower Bridge.

That’s the stuffiest, most English way to describe insane Mustang driftage I think I’ve ever read.


Here’s what we were sent, sans contact information to spare people from spamming. It adds:

Inevitably, in order to reach the required speed, there will be brief periods of loud engine noise. Much has been done to limit this as the vehicle will be routed as far away from residents as possible, and timings have been delayed to be as late as practically possible.

If this is real, London residents; prepare for “brief periods of loud engine noise.” Everyone else, get stoked to watch a modern pony car lay down some tire mark tattoos on a British icon. Woo-hoo!


The Top Gear representative with their signature on the letter has not returned our query for comment yet, but we will update if we hear back.

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