Looks Like The New BMW 8-Series Is Already Prowling Around Germany

(Images: Russ G.)

“Sounded way bigger than it looked,” the person who spotted this car on the streets of Munich told us. The giant coupe was heavily camouflaged, but based on the size and silhouette I’m almost positive we’re looking at a prototype of the next BMW 8 Series.

The design is damn close to the 8 Series concept we first saw back in May, and I think I see some strong similarities to the shape of the M8 GTE race car, too.


I think we all knew the odds of BMW bringing pop-up headlights back was nil, but it’s pretty cool that the heavy autobahn-eating coupe is returning to the road at all. Especially now that the hardtop 6 Series two-door is no longer a thing.

There are a lot of cool cars out now and coming soon, but I have to admit that I have an unreasonably strong fever for the return of El Ocho. High-performance cruisers are a joy to drive and the world needs more. I can’t wait to see the covers come off this thing for real.

Hat tip to Russ!

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