When we were 11 we had a bachelor uncle who proudly displayed a poster in his bedroom of a woman wearing soap and little else cleaning off a Corvette. We thought it was hot at the time but, thankfully, grew enough over the next two years to understand the difference between things that are sexy and things that are merely unpoetic attempts to allude to sex. Though not everyone, particularly people who own car dealerships, have the evolved taste we developed at age 13, we're guessing you all can see this local advertisement for a Saleen mustang for what it is: two unimpressed bottle-blondes in bikinis doing what they have to do to scrape together enough funds for that final semester of beautician's school. Though it may have helped sell a few more cars, this is only because the dealership is from a northern Dallas suburb, meaning it is even closer to Oklahoma. (SFW, not safe for epileptics) [Motorpasion via CarScoop]


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