London Man's Bristol Accidentally Crushed by Authorities

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Crikey, Humbert! Golly, Gumpert! Fackin' feck, Q-bert! 51-year-old Mendoza Stewart purchased a '72 Bristol 411 a few years ago. In 2004, he parked it in a legal spot near his home in Kennington, only to find that it had been hauled off by the council and then removed from the flatbed with a mechanical claw, destroying the car's aluminum roof. Although the council admits they were in the wrong, Stewart's yet to see a dime. The value of the car? Right around 30,000 quid. Eep.


Crushed by the Council: The 30,000 Car that was Parked Legally [This is London via Winding Road]

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If this happened in the US, there'd be about 150,000 attorneys trying to get at this guy to "represent" him.