Lizard Man Returns To Eat Dodge Mini-Vans

Twenty years after the South Carolinian monster known as Lizard Man was last heard of, he has returned, but this time to feast on the front end of a very delicious Dodge Mini-Van. In the silence of the night, Lizard Man managed to chew the hell out of the hood, grill and wheel wells. In addition to the poor van (I wonder if the insurance covers monster attacks?) the Lizard Man also attacked a box where some of the owner's 20 cats slept and now the cats are missing. Lizard Man is a reported seven-foot tall beast with green skin and three claws. The mini-van owner, Mr. Rawson, is prepared for the next time Lizard Man attempts to eat his van, and it is with a glock. Hey, an old man fighting a car- and cat-eating human-esque lizard with a glock is normal for the South, right? [WIS10 via BoingBoing]


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