Liz Cohen And Her Transforming Trabantamino

We first heard about Liz Cohen and her quest to personally transform a lovable little Trabant into an electromechanical, transforming, camino-inspired low rider back in 2005. Well, her project has gone from a gleam in the eye and a hot blowtorch to a piece of self-transforming craziness. We have it on good authority from Miss Cohen herself that, in October, the Trabantamino will be at the front of a 45-lowrider procession from Las Cruces to El Paso for the No Room for Baggage exhibition. Note some of the photos are semi-NSFW if your overlords are on the puritanical side.

We are duly impressed with the ambition in this project and can't wait to see what Liz's creation end up looking like. Hang on a second; a girl, who looks like this, doing all of her own fab work, on a project that would make Murilee cry for mercy. We're in love. (Thanks dwegmull) [More images and info at Liz Cohen's MyWikiBiz]

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Transforming (ish) car? Awesome.

The quirkyness of using a Trabant? Awesomer.

All done by a damn fine looking lady? Awesomest thing ever!!!

Is this what love feels like?

...Then the damn thing started bouncing. -1

...Then I read her wiki page, and there seems to be some sort of statement that she's trying to make with this. -1

Those two things don't change how I feel about her. They just mean that she'll have to leave after she makes me breakfast.