Livestream The Most Extreme One-Day Off-Road Race In America Right Now

Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The axle-busting rock-crushing 14-hour off-road endurance event known as the 2015 King Of The Hammers kicks off at 8:00AM PST and will be raging across Johnson Valley, California until 10 PM tonight. Watch the whole thing right here for free!


I'm here at the event and will be running around the valley with Nitto Tire and some event organizers in a Ford Raptor and s Jeep Grand Cherokee to get some great photos and show you guys what kind of insanity goes down behind the scenes.

But for now, keep this window open all day and you're guaranteed to catch some absolutely insane off-road action. You might even find out why folks call this the toughest one-day off-road event there is. Just don't forget to minimize when your boss walks by.


(Image via Spidertrax Off-Road/Flickr)

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