Live From New York, It's The Bankruptcy Of GM!

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Just back in off a plane from LA, we made it to the GM Building here in midtown Manhattan in their world financial headquarters, blogging live from the center of the automotive punditverse watching President Obama announce the bankruptcy of the General. Follow along at the Carpocalypse tag.

Jeez, we go away for a week and come back to GM bankruptcy. Who woulda thunk it? Well, us for instance. Anyway, we're gonna listen to Obama right now, with GM CEO Fritz Henderson speaking momentarily here in New York once the White House press conference is over. So, while we listen, take a moment to play guess the automotive business reporter from the above photo.


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engineerd - Jalopnik Poet Laureate

In Soviet America, President bankrupts you!

I know, it's not completely true, but what the hell is the President doing announcing all these bankruptcies? I thought he didn't want to run the car companies?