Little Orphan Anni-Frid: The Volvo 263!

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With the imminent arrival of the C30, it might be instructive to set Grover Cleveland's Time Machine back to 1975 and look at a Volvo hatch that never made it to our shores. In fact, it never made it to anyone's shores. Instead, this lone prototype 263 GL sits forlornly in a corner behind Arctic-White ropes inside the Volvo Museum in G teborg. Cheer up, 263. Next time we're in town we'll stop by with our ghetto blaster and rock with you to the strains of "Fernando." Sound like a plan? Good. It's a date, then.


Volvo 200 Series [Wikipedia]

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Oh, man, an 'Arctic White' crack; was that meant for me alone?

My second car ever was an Arctic White 1968 144 and I was famous (in Ann Arbor) for correcting everyone who described that car as white.

Dude! It's Arctic White! You can walk!