Literally Rollin' on the River...Er, Lake

We're suckers for pipe dreams. It may be why we've ended up in so many long-distance relationships. It's Mad-inventor syndrome: "If I can just make this work, I can make anything happen!" Canadian lawyer/inventor Frederick "Flintstone" Knapp had a long-distance crush as well: Queen Victoria. Known for her aversion to sea travel, Knapp saw his revolutionary roller boat as a way to surmount any wave and what's more, possibly earn a tap on the shoulder from the British royal. He predicted a top speed of 60mph for his rolling-pin-lookin' thing, but it performed less admirably in trials. Nevertheless, as reader Patrick — who hipped us to Knapp's ship — notes, "It's as bold as Northrop's flying wing." That's it. We're giving up on women and devoting our lives to revolutionary watercraft based on the hydrodynamic principles of the egg cup.

The Knapp Roller Boat

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