Usually when you call up a customer service line, you're treated to some smooth jazz, or maybe even a little tango, while you wait. But not E-ZPass. Instead, you're treated to the sound of so many people banging their heads on tables, all at once. This is the noise that hell itself makes.

For those that don't know, E-ZPass is an electronic toll system, based mostly in the northeast US, that allows you to easily go through toll booths with a little tag mounted on your car. The tag is connected to an account and the toll is deducted from there. Super simple stuff, and you've probably seen it or something like it before.


What is annoying is when you have to call them up for any reason at all whatsoever. The people on the phone are generally pretty pleasant, but explaining to someone that you no longer have possession of the car that you originally registered it with because that was a press car, no, you don't own it, you just used that license plate because there was no other around, no, I really don't have that car anymore, that was only for a couple of days, yes, I would like to link the tag to a new car, please, thank you, oh great I have to talk to your supervisor now, I'mgoingtodiesomeonepleasehelpmethisistheworstthingever, is just pretty awful.

If dealing with E-ZPass customer service didn't drive you nuts, then the noise that eminates from your phone while on hold with them surely will. You would think, for all the money you pay in tolls, that they'd be able to afford a Kenny G imitator.

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