Listen To 10 (TEN!!!!!!!!!!) McLaren P1s Boom Around A Race Track

It is my personal, and very much highly very extremely mostly professional opinion that the McLaren P1's turbo hybrid V8 is one of, if not the best-sounding engines on sale today. So here's ten of them – yes, TEN – storming around a race track all at once. Turn them speakers all the way up.

And the second best part about this video is that the Macs are in more colors than the rainbow, because ROYGBIV is not just a blog run by fellow Jalop but is also the colors of the rainbow, and there are only seven letters there, not ten.


So yes, this is also better than a goddamn rainbow.

The cars were on track for a photo shoot, because photo shoots for McLaren are much better than photo shoots for Yoplait.

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