Lisa Nowak Set to Challenge Rawlings and Collins

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Hoping to best her diapered 12-hour 936 mile blast from Houston to Orlando, former astronaut Lisa Nowak is set to break the transcontinental driving record set mere minutes ago by Richard Rawlings and co-pilot Dennis Collins. Quick math indicates that with prodigious use of diapers and by increasing velocity, Nowak should be able to handily set a new record in her specially prepared Kia Rio.

Jalopnik Late Night: Astronauts Gone Wild!!! [Internal]

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Hey Turboner, how'd you like the new timing system they used at the last one? The two Hales wrote the software for it from scratch, and although there are still bugs, the younger Hale said things went pretty well.

As for the Lisaball 3000, that would so totally rock. Extra points for the wackiest mobile restroom device fitted to a car.