Lions' Nate Burleson Crashed A Yukon, Broke Arm Trying To Save Pizza

We've all been there — two Hot and Readys in the front seat and you're just trying to keep up with the crazy traffic on 696 and then all of a sudden pizza's just flying every which-a-way. We know, Nate, we know.


Apparently Detroit Lions receiver Nate Burleson was caught in this very predicament early Tuesday morning when he was trying to rescue two pizzas from an uncertain death on the passenger side of his GMC Yukon. That harrowing rescue along I-696 in Farmington Hills led to Burleson crashing the SUV and breaking his arm.

No alcohol was involved, thankfully, and no others were hurt. But Burleson, who suffered a broken leg last season, is probably going to sit out the rest of this season, which sucks for the Lions since he was leading with 19 catches and 239 yards so far.

[Photo via AP]

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