Lincoln dealerships each sold seven cars last month

I thought there were a couple of interesting items worth pointing out in the nitty-gritty of today's stellar 16% sales increase from Ford. Here they are in no particular order:

● Lincoln sold 7,236 vehicles in April. Given they have a total of 1100 dealerships, that means that each Lincoln dealership, on average, sold only seven vehicles last month.

● That also means — if sales were to maintain course this year — that each dealership will only sell, on average, 84 vehicles in 2011. But that's actually good news. Because last year the average was 64 vehicles per dealership.

● Heck, the Mustang alone — at 8,180 units sold — sold more than the entire Lincoln brand did last month.


● Ford sold 6,586 Crown Vics in April and only 6,262 Taurus. The uninformed might say it's like Apple selling more Newtons than iPhones, but in reality it's fleets snatching up cars before the Panther plaform dies. Also, the Panther platform is much older than the Apple Newton.

● The older the Ford Ranger gets, the more it seems to sell. The Ranger saw a 2.9% increase in sales in April, 2011 over April, 2010.

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The biggest problem with Lincoln is that Ford is treating Lincoln how it used to treat Mercury.

This is a hangover from the Jac Nasser days when the corporate types at Ford had big Jaguar/Volvo/Land Rover stars in their eyes. ''

Lincoln does not have a proper flagship and it needs one.

What I think Ford should do is take the Mustang chassis, give it an independent rear suspension, stretch it by a foot and turn that into a bigger Lincoln coupe/convertible. Stretch it a bit more, add two more doors and you have a full size sedan. Have a hybrid V6 and a range-topping Ecoboost V8 as the powertrain options.

And use that same V8 in the Navigator.

And also... get away from Lincoln's stupid and meaningless model names.