This Is What Pure Misery Looks Like

The number 912 Porsche 911 was fighting for the GTLM class lead at the 12 Hours of Sebring until this happened. One of the wheel nuts wouldn't come loose. This right here is the face (or perhaps the fists?) of total and complete misery.


Worst of all, this happened with barely over an hour to go. The car lasted nearly 11 hours only to have this stuck-on wheel issue at the last minute. They could only change the right rear tire.


The factory Porsche team was full of hard luck. #912's sister car, the number 911 Porsche, suffered a gearbox failure shortly afterwards. The #911 911 was stuck in one gear and lost the lead.

This view into the world of madness and despair is from the 12 Hours of Sebring's wonderful wrap-up video. Miss the race, or just want to relive the highlights? This megacut of endurance racing action has everything you'd need to know. (Well, except that part where a car accidentally ran a dude over in pit lane. Whoops.)


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This is why you need a 3/4" breaker bar and a 6 foot cheater pipe juuuust in case. Would make for a great photo op to see two or three pit crew guys jumping on it!