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You know, we're not really the type who goes in for things that're marketed toward guys. Sure, we like he-man musclecars and Judas Priest, but we also enjoy us some Gary Snyder and Woody Guthrie. But Spike? Despite our attempts to resist it, we've actually taken quite a liking to the channel. And the Viacom unit's honoring Lee Iacocca with a lifetime achievement award on their second-annual Autorox broadcast, to be presented by the real-life son of the dad from Ordinary People. We may or may not watch it. We might sit down with a cup of tea, some Robert Hass and a Smiths record instead. Then we'll get in the Dodge, crank the Sultans and spin donuts in the Vons parking lot 'til the cops show up.


Iacocca Beloved by Old Folks [Internal]

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