LFA vs. GT-R vs. 911 GT2 RS v. ZR1 vs. F430

As a test of supercar superiority, the Japanese show Best Motoring put five supercars — the Lexus LFA, Nissan GT-R, Porsche 911 GT2RS, Chevy Corvette ZR1 and Ferrari F430 RSD — in a three-lap race around Fuji Speedway. The winner is...

...up for debate, if you listen to the online commentary. The Porsche was having some kind of bad transmission day. The Corvette driver keeps sounding surprised about what the heck he's doing in a Kentucky-built vehicle, and it's not known how many of the GM electronic nannies had been engaged for the drive. The Lexus LFA had traction control off for the entire race, which might have made its owner slightly nervous. And the Ferrari was jetlagged or something. Sorry Ferrari loyalists, I wish I had more ammo to give you for the flame wars.

To help sort the field even further, Best Motoring did a time attack series which ended up only confusing things. Here, the Porsche recorded the fastest time, followed by the GT-R, ZR-1, F430 and the LFA bringing up the rear.

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Things I dislike about the LFA:

The brand

The exterior

The tacky interior

Their marketing strategy

and yet that engine note makes me forget about all of them. I have goosebumps when it downshifts.