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Lexus SUV Drives Over People Fighting In Street, No One Died But It's All So Depressing

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A big, stupid brawl among young women in Griffin, Georgia, ended when five people were injured from a Lexus SUV that was driven into the fight, and right over some of the participants. This is the opposite of a feel-good story here: the footage is graphic, the actions of the people involved are awful, and everything will just leave you feeling depressed. So you’ve been warned.

The fight was between a number of teenage girls, and seems to have been centered on two of them, and the fight was likely sparked by the same inane reasons that teenaged kids have been fighting in high schools and playgrounds and backyards for centuries. It’s not really clear, and it barely matters.


What does matter more is that this stupid teenage brawl was broken up in one of the worst possible ways: by driving a car into the crowd.

Five people were injured, including one 18-year-old girl who suffered from a broken hip, pelvis, and lower back, and had to be airlifted to Grady Memorial Hospital.


Here’s the video of the event. Keep in mind you can actually see the SUV run someone over, so if you (understandably) don’t want to see that, skip this:

Shameka Peoples, 31, was arrested as a person of interest, and is suspected of being the driver of the Lexus. According to Fox 5, Peoples was charged with

Reckless Driving, Driving on wrong side of the road, Failure to maintain lane aggressive driving, Hit and run, Reckless conduct, Aggravated assault ( 5 counts), Serious injury by vehicle, and Cruelty to children 1st degree (2 counts).

Peoples left the scene of the incident and was arrested at her parents’ home.

Everything that went down here is terrible. I’m going to find you some fun car stuff to read next so I don’t feel bad about ruining your weekends. Sorry.