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Lexus LFA Nurbürgring grows a wing, more power

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

To ensure that 50 of the 500 potential owners of the Lexus LFA supercar feel even more special, Lexus unveiled details on its LFA Nurbürgring edition — more power, more rear wing and a year's pass to the Nordschleife.


Given the levels of mechanical obsession already in the LFA, the changes for the Nurbürgring edition are not improvements so much as tailoring the car more for the track than street. The rear wing is just one of several aerodynamic nips and tucks meant to boost downforce; the 4.8-liter V10 gets a 10-hp boost to 562hp to make sure the extra drag doesn't shave any time off its 3.7-second run to 62mph. Ride height drops 10 millimeters, and the suspension gets unspecified tweaks as well.

Inside, the owner gets the carbon fiber and Alcantara treatment expected in these price ranges. Lexus also limits Nurbürgring colors to white, black, orange and matte black, avoiding the Technicolor barfing of the Bugatti configurator.


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