Let's Sing a Song of Pennzoil: Thoughts on the Dodge Challenger Launch

We shit you not, but at one point, while attempting to say something, Tom LaSorda totally hijacked and ran off with Homsar's famous "AaAaAaA..." Other highlights? A random appearance by Anthony Edwards, who got flustered when Richard Petty gave him crap about being an open-wheel guy. Kasey Kahne? Boring as hell. Eric Ridenour did okay. But the most offensive part of the whole thing was the bit where TV commentator Mike Joy was discussing Chrysler's NASCAR history at Daytona and checked the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 by name, but referred to the Plymouth Superbird as "The Superbird Daytona." No mention of Plymouth. It's like Plymouth was Chuck Cunningham or, er something. Meanwhile, they should hire an actor to play LaSorda at all future appearances. Saying "Not the best public speaker," about that guy is like remarking "Manuel Noriega really doesn't have the best skin."

Chrysler Ponys Up: Dodge Challenger is Go [Internal]


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