Let's Help Find This Beloved Stolen Grand National

Every stolen car hurts, but this one is especially tragic. Not only is the car a legendary 1984 Buick Grand National, but it holds a staggering amount of sentimental value as well: it was a lasting memory of a father working on his car with his son, a son who passed away recently.


David Solomon was a milkman with fantastic taste in cars. Back in 1984, after much saving and planning, he bought a brand new Buick Grand National. It became his prized possession, and he would often work on it with his son, also named David.

Now, the elder David is quite old, and the younger David died tragically at the age of 50 to cancer. The car was a storehouse of memories for the father, but tragically the car was stolen on November 17.

It was taken right from the Solomon's home in Strawplains Pike in Knoxville, TN. A Facebook page has been set up by his granddaughter to help find the car, and a $2000 reward is offered.


Here's more details about the car from her Facebook page:

More details on Papaw's 1984 Grand National:
VIN: 486168 ...Last 6 digits
Mileage: around 96,000 miles
No modifications
Paint: Exterior is Black - Cracked especially on the hood
Interior - Grey, New Headliner, probably still smell the glue
Bumpers: Front bumper fillers are missing, the bumpers are faded on front and back, new fillers in trunk
Windows: Are tinted, but very wavy & bubbly - Passenger window was busted when it was stolen
Tires: Black-walled Goodyear's
Wheels - Original
Hood: Several scratches and rock chips
Body - No major dents
Scott Bloomquist sticker on front windshield by rear-view mirror


It's hard to think of a worse situation than this. A genuinely interesting car, with incredible sentimental value — I really, really hope we can get this car back.

We've done it before, and the stakes are high this time. But if anyone can help, it's Jalopnik readers, so I'm going to give myself the luxury of hope.


The Knox County Sheriff's Department is working with the family to help recover the car. If anyone has any information, please contact police or call 865-356-3708.

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