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Let's Go On A Porsche 911 Retrospective For Its 50th Birthday

There's a reason Porsche dropped the insanely powerful hybrid 918 Spyder on the world at the Frankfurt Motor Show. This show is a huge deal for the company, as it was where they first debuted the 911 back in 1963.


Even though Porsche seems to be celebrating this golden anniversary all year long, our pals at XCAR agree that Frankfurt time is a great time to explore the 911's very colorful history.


Their latest video follows the car's development from the 356 replacement originally called the 901 as it evolved through the decades by adding more and more racing technology. XCAR dug up some awesome historical 911 footage for their retrospective.

So it's gotten bigger and more luxurious, and its rear-engine architecture is kept on more for heritage reasons than anything else, and its naming system doesn't really make sense anymore (the new one is called 991 for some reason.) The 911 continues to be amazing.

Here's to another 50 years.

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J. Walter Weatherman

Here's to another 50 years indeed!

...and here's betting that they don't change much over that 50 years either!