Today is May 4, known in geekery circles as Star Wars Day (May the Fourth Be With You – get it?) so I figured what the hell, may as well do something Star Wars-related. This time I’ll spare you my obsessive droid-rantings and just get a little goofy, replacing some iconic Star Wars character’s faces with car-faces.

This was inspired by Volkswagen Denmark’s clever Facebook promo for Star Wars Day, which stood an old Beetle in for Darth Vader. I decided it might be fun to try some of these car/mask/face swaps a bit more literally, so this happened:

Darth Vader/1949 Volkswagen

Stormtrooper/2016 Kia Soul


C-3PO/1929 Frazer-Nash Supersport

Kylo Ren/1985 Dodge 600


Hutt, Jabba the/2016 Infiniti QX80

Feel free to make some of your own! It’s fun!

BONUS: This one was suggested by commenter Jordan D, and it’s worth doing:


Boba Fett/BMW Isetta