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Let's Blow Up The Rocks On The Road

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

In Mono County, California you’ll find beautiful, mountainous wildland. And sometimes those mountains drop really big boulders onto the road. For the local road workers, those are the best days on the job.

As you can see in this public service announcement, the men and women of Caltrans District 9 are charged with keeping the infrastructure operational in Mono County.

Last week, about ten big rocks fell onto State Route 120 that were too large to be moved with the service’s regular tools or vehicles. So out came the bombs. At about a minute into the video, one of the Caltrans workers makes like The Joker walking out of Gotham General Hospital, running a fuse and blowing his target to splinters after hiking a safe distance away.


Watching the destruction is oddly gratifying. And educational! Now you know how those enormous rocks get moved off roads in the middle of nowhere.