Let Koenigsegg Explain The Difference Between Weights And Measures

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Dry weight, curb weight, gross weight, mass are all entirely different things, no matter what you might think. Koenigsegg is here to explain how different carmakers trick you into thinking their cars are lighter than they are, because it’s a confusing world out there.

Koenigsegg happily explains on their own web site about the differences between dry weight and curb weight, and also between power-to-weight and the wonderful power-to-weight-to-weight.


Koenigsegg will bring both the production version of the direct-drive Regera, a freshly built Agera RS and the final Agera series ever to the Geneva Motor Show, but before we all pack up and go to Switzerland to eat the finest chocolates all day long, let’s have a look at how much does your car weigh exactly. Do you know?

Mine is supposed to have a curb weight of 1,488 pounds (675kg). If I had 675 horsepower to go with that, would my car be as fast as a Koenigsegg One:1 with a guy weighing just 149 pounds in the driver’s seat?

You tell me!

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REO Jackwagon

If one gets in a collision, does that make it a scrambled Koenigsegg?