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Screenshot: Petrolicious

The original Iso Grifo A3 Competizione lineup was only ten cars deep, featuring rivited aluminum bodywork and modified small-block Chevy power. It was Giotto Bizzarrini’s masterpiece, intended for motorsport, but looking sexy all the same in Giugiaro bodywork.

This particular car is actually a replica of an original, but built by an ex-Iso employee and current Iso restoration specialist to exacting standards. Thanks to this killer short video from Petrolicious, we can relax for a minute while watching a breathtaking car get a workout in frigid Bergamo.


Most folks will know Iso for their genius post-war small people transporter, the “Little Iso” or Isetta, which was later licensed to BMW for larger scale production. Iso was a refrigerator manufacturer that dipped into car production when cheap transport was a necessity. After making millions on the Isetta deal, Iso started making sports cars and GTs with Italian bodies and Corvette engines.

While you won’t learn anything new about Iso in this video, it’s a damn fine way to waste a few minutes.

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