For $1,200, Choo-Choo-Choose The Simpsons Bus

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Nice Price Or No DiceIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Is your name Otto? Do you like to get blotto? Well then you might like today’s Nice Price or Crack Pipe custom painted Ford Van. And in fact, you might not even need to be Mr. Burns to buy it.

At twenty grand, yesterday’s Subie-powered 1989 VW Vanagon proved to be one pedal shy of a deal, and it hence dropped like a brick in an 86% Crack Pipe loss. That’s a darn shame because it was otherwise a pretty nice van, and that autotragic gearbox only serves to prove that decisions have consequences.


Speaking of consequences, today’s ’90 Ford E350 custom artwork van looks creepy enough to make anyone consider the potential ramifications of climbing inside. Of course it’s the outside of this faux-windowed truck that makes it so dang diddly interesting. If you happen to be a fan of the long running animated series and merchandising megalith, The Simpsons, then this will be right up your Springfield alley.

Being sold without irony in Springfield Illinois - the most Illin’ and annoyin’ state in the Union - this E350 otherwise looks like something that your stereotypical serial killer might call home bloody home.

Said to be a 1990 model, the van rocks a design that - with minor revisions along the way - traces its lineage all the way back to America's Bicentennial. Ford was the first, and boldest of the Big Three in pushing out their van noses the effect of which which gives an unencumbered pass thru between the front seats, all but eliminating the dog house.

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In this S’cool Bus that’s a very brown place to be, and seems reasonably stock and tidy with the exception of what looks to be a bubble mirror on the right side of the dash pad. That’s likely put there to provide a view of the rear compartment so that you could ensure that your passengers haven’t slipped out of their Zip ties. On the other hand, maybe it's just a compass.

It’s that abattoir in back that insures you’d never get a second date driving this. That’s due to what looks to be lightweight futon facing sideways, mounted to a chipboard floor. I know it’s a little too early for the Treehouse of Horror XXV, but hey, the creepfest inside, coupled with the Springfield Elementary School custom paint job, makes this Ford a juxtaposition in jaw dropping contradictions. Or maybe it's just a close approximation of Moe Szyslak's basement?

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And truth be told, even the Simpsons characters painted on the outside look a little creepy, especially Nelson who has the expression of someone who has given up on making it to the restroom after an especially long field trip.


Still, the whole thing is kind of weirdly wonderful. What sort of driveline does it have? Who knows? It apparently has an overheating issue so it possibly could grenade upon your panicked attempt at making a getaway during your first kidnapping. Maybe.

But, The Simpsons! Otto! Funny School Bus theme paint!

Not only does it have that amazing tribute paint scheme, but the ad notes the added lure of collectables from that show that are offered in the purchase as well. Plus a couple rolls of carpet, likely as the previous floor covering was too blood soaked to sell without questions being asked.


So, what do you think about this weird Simpsons School Bus van? More importantly, what’s your take on its $1,200 price tag? That’s a hell of a lot less than it would cost to buy a Canyonaro or Mr. Plow, but then there is the serial killer aspect to be taken into account.

You decide!


SpringfieldIL Craigslist, or d'oh here if the ad disappears.

H/T to Warren Wilke for the hookup!

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