Leopard Print Lamborghini Is As Ridiculous As It Sounds

Japan is often the source of ridiculously over the top supercar modifications. Sometimes the results are manifested in something like the insane genius of RWB Porsches, but more often the Japanese tendency to throw subtlety to the wind when modifying an expensive car results in something like this—a leopard print Lamborghini Murcielago.


Discovered by GTspirit.com, these pictures were taken by flickr user TokyoFashion in the city's central Meiji Dori road. This car was spotted with several other custom Lamborghinis, but it's clear from these pictures one way to make your Murcielago stand out in a crowd is to wrap it in Leopard print. Certainly helpful information for the Lamborghini owner concerned their limited production V12 Italian supercar is starting to blend in.

Call us crazy, but while this leopard print Murcielago is unquestionably tasteless we kind of like the bizarre juxtaposition of high end car and lowbrow treatment. Perhaps it is just because we had almost forgotten how good Lamborghinis look when they aren't on fire.


Photo Credit: TokyoFashion
[via GTspirit]

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