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Star tipster and all 'round badass CTE hepped us to Lego's Factory, which allows one to digitally create toys built of the plastic pieces without worrying that while stumbling drunkenly to the bathroom after a night of Steel Reserve, American Spirits, frenetic typing and no dinner, you'll end up with a stray four-dot brick well-embedded in the arch of your left foot.

As kids, we we were big on Lego's Technic sets that allowed us to build dune buggies with reciprocating pistons, but it's frankly astonishing how many varieties of pieces there are in Legoland now. As CTE pointed out, however, their Factory design competition winners' page is slightly disconcerting the honorees are all either men in their thirties or prepubescent boys, giving the whole thing a distinctly creepy, NAMBLA vibe.

Lego Factory

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