Leave the fur, take the 1988 Volkswagen Golf GTI

Although this 1988 Volkswagen Golf GTI commercial was originally aired in Mexico, this is a prime example of dramatic vintage advertising that transcends language barriers.

Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what this woman saw or came across in the house, but we can assume it had something to do with her marido (husband).

Pearls are torn and wedding rings are returned, but there is one status symbol she just can't let go of—the notoriously upper class 1988 Volkswagen Golf GTI.

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Fun little tidbit

In 1991 a 4 door VW GTI could be purchased for 7995 and the entry level 6 cylinder Mercedes Benz 190E 2.6 could be had for 29995

twenty years later, a 2011 4 door VW GTI could be had for 24000 and the entry level 6 cylinder Mercedes Benz C300 could be had for 33000

It's amazing how the VW tripled in price and the Benz only bumped up a few grand.

Take what you want from that but i found it fairly interesting.