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Leave It To The Australians To Make Us Want A 1982 Toyota Corolla

If this vintage commercial is to be believed while Americans were using the 1982 Toyota Corolla to commute to work our friends down under were using the compact cars to hoon and party in the outback.


Like most people we find traditional compact car advertising almost as boring as traditional compact cars. Having said that, we certainly like the looks of driving in formation to bonfires and power sliding through the dirt. We even kind of like the awesomely dated music in this commercial. Why couldn't this brand of Toyota marketing genius make it from "The Big Country" to America.

In our eyes Toyota could still take a page out of this advertising campaign to mask the beige of the current Corolla. Less talk of fuel economy and comparison to similar models, more random twirling women and hooning at Dusty's Place—that's how to sell a reliable compact car.

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Baber K. Khan

Oh the KE70. It's full of awesomeness.