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The most recent AT&T-Apple ad for the iPhone shows just how much iPhone users are ready and waiting to care about the sale of the former 'merican side of the German-American hybrid β€” if only given the opportunity. The new ΓΌber-phone is shown running through such fundamentals as "how to turn it on", how to listen to music, how to check e-mail, etc. But when it gets to "this is how you surf the web," we're treated to a web shot of the New York Times from a few weeks back featuring an article by Micki Maynard and Mark Landler β€” "Chrysler on Verge of Sale to a Private Firm." But then β€” just as these two automotive industry writers are about to become famous as the hands of Jobs (or whomever) ready themselves to tap on the article β€” just as the whole of the technology-obsessed world readies itself to find out all about the ins and outs of the imminent sale of the Chrysler Group to Cerebus β€” friggin' John Appleseed calls. God, I hate that man and his apple tree-spreading ways.

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