Leaked Dealer Memo Confirms DSG-Style Box for BMW M3

According to Jalop commenter b33g33, BMW has been working like a bunch of hydrophobiac beavers on their version of the VW/Audi dual-cluch automanual known as DSG. We never doubted the lost Gibb brother's truthiness, but additional evidence has arrived from Autocar. The mag says it's in possession of a dealer memo advising that the coming, V8-powered M3 will get a new, DSG-style tranny. The all-new gearbox comes via partner Getrag, and will be called M DCT. According to A-car, it'll provide "rapid and nearly imperceptible shifts" when it hits the market in 2008. The M3's relatively low torque output of 295 lb-ft at 3,900 rpm likely eases the burden, since beefier engines have been said to grind DSGs into chocolate pudding. Nonetheless, much fun will be had by all, undoubtedly.

M3 to get DSG-style manual gearbox [Autocar]

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