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Lawn Mower Land Speed Record Returns To ‘Merica Where It Belongs

Illustration for article titled Lawn Mower Land Speed Record Returns To ‘Merica Where It Belongs

Remember the great land speed records waged between Art Arfons and Craig Breedlove that pushed speeds to 500+ mph and more? This is just like that. Only slower. And with lawn mowers.


One of lawn mower racing's most successful and popular drivers (yeah, they keep track of that), Georgia's Bobby Cleveland thought he'd take a mower out to the Bonneville Salt Flats and see what she'd do. 80 mph. Not bad.

The English, who invented lawn mower racing, couldn't let that stand. Don Wales went to Pendine Sands (in Wales) and reset the mark to 87.8.


Last month, Bobby pushed the limit to a little over 96 miles per hour. The quote from Bobby says it all. "It scared me so good," he said.


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See... This is my point about some forms of racing. It's a LAWNMOWER that can't mow! This is worse than a so called "stock car".

I can easily go 200 MPH on a tricycle if it's allowed to be two wheels, a motor and frame made by Suzuki!