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If the auto industry is doomed, by god it's going to have one hell of a party on the way down. The Detroit News is reporting that 60% of the exhibits at this year's NAIAS show โ€” tremendous, lavish affairs packed with LEDs enough for the world's largest BestBuy โ€” are brand new, and automakers are spending more than $200 million to make them mini monuments to their brands. And that's just on the floor. We can't imagine the level of debauchery that's planned for behind the scenes: opulent industry soirees that would make Gaius Caligula blush, ecstasy-soaked afterparties hosted by oddly androgynous designers at waterfront lofts, scores of Alaskan Pipeline hookers trucked in from Windsor, under-the-table cash payouts for positive-spun column inches in major media outlets. Man, we totally need a new shirt.

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