Piloting a hovercraft isn't easy. You've got to steer with one hand, transfer fuel to balance the weight with another, and work the rudders with your feet. It's like spinning plates while balancing on an air hockey puck. Which makes landing it when you're pass-out drunk a bit difficult.

Richard Pease attempted that feat and flunked, carrying 36 passengers across the Solent strait in southern Britain, and then failing to stick the landing on the Isle of Wight.

According to depositions given in court, after the first failed attempt at putting the hovercraft onto the landing pad, one of Pease's colleagues asked if he was OK. At which point he collapsed.

The colleague took control, releasing the air to stabilize the hovercraft before another pilot could come on board to bring it to land.

When Pease was tested for alcohol he was almost at three times the legal limit ‚Äď six hours after the incident.


Pease pled guilty to "being master of a hovercraft having consumed excess alcohol" and was handed down an 8-month jail sentence. Although there's no word on whether his license has been revoked.