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That Virgin Galactic spaceship isn't just parked next to the new Land Rover Discovery Concept on the deck of the Intrepid for a sweet photo op, it's a tie-in for Richard Branson's announcement that Land Rover will be the first corporate parnter to his his space-fairing venture.

The spaceship isn't the real deal, but a full-sized replica of the "VSS Enterprise" which Branson hopes will be his first commercial space vehicle, finally bringing space travel to the rest of us for a scant $250,000!


Land Rover will contribute their luxury/adventure brand swagger to an upcoming reality TV show and other such wackiness Branson's dreaming up to inspire investors. Like this video clip:

No word yet on exactly when the first Virgin Galactic flights will take place, if ever.

But their jet sure looks like Snoopy!

Branson himself couldn't make the Rover reveal, but Virgin Galactic's test pilot was on hand to pose with their booth babes, which may or may not be part of a more sinister Virgin Clone venture we haven't heard about yet.


Images: Andrew Collins

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